Sunday, June 25, 2017

3 Dreams: Coats of Doctor Who, Wonder Woman vs. Jupiter, and Edward Gorey Hamburger Hut

I had 3 dreams last night.

The Coats of Doctor Who
The first one I was on some sort of street, and I ran into Cathrine Tate and John Borrowman.  Then David Tenant came running by in his trench coat. I was with someone who asked where they got the trenchcoats and I pointed out that when the costume was picked, they probably made a whole bunch of identical ones that they could use for different things like rips, burns, or if one got worn out during shooting an episode. It was a fairly simple dream. It was fun to be with the Doctor Who characters.

Wonder Woman Vs. Jupiter
In the second dream, I was Wonder Woman. In my secret identity, I went to help a friend move. He was living in a frat house. There was this really weird toilet that was like a padded bench but at an angle. It was also very portable.

We went outside to sit on a dock that was on a river. It was then that my enemy appeared! Rob had been turned into a woman. First she explained that it felt so much more natural (and she was super hot.) The weird part was that he was no longer Rob but was the God(dess) Jupiter, and who was jealous of me and so wanted to kill me. I think she was jealous because I was invited to the Justice League and hence the only Roman God (Aquaman doesn't count) that was still worshipped by modern humans.

She had this dust made of diamonds that she blew in my face. Because diamonds are the hardest substance on Earth, it made sense that diamond dust would be the hardest to breath. I jumped up and we were fighting but I really just wanted my friend back. Someone I could laugh with and enjoy their company.

I don't remember how it ended, but I hope we became friends again. Maybe even more. [wink]

Edward Gorey Hamburger Hut
In my third dream, I was supposed to go with my boss to do something, but we ended up at an old house. He started doing the dishes, and so I was bored and began looking at the things they were getting rid of.

They had a ton of very interesting pieces. For one, They had painted all the doors in their house in a Medieval looking style, like on tapestries or scrolls, and all the images were of royals having parties, but with like flower pots on their heads, and destroying flower pots. The images were mostly drab colors, but all the backgrounds were green. This would have made them a really fun addition to any garden party, as long as they were paired with a lot of colorful flowers, or hanging flowers.

At first, the knick knacks looked like a bunch of junk like you'd find at a garage sale. There were stacks of small framed artwork that I began looking through. A lot of the artwork were etchings and I was digging to see if they had any original Edward Gorey etchings. The artwork they did have was very interesting and upon closer discovery all had a unique style to them. It was actually an impressive collection of that style of art. They even had these really interesting book shelves that could be hooked to a wall, or be linked to hold books. They mostly had art books. There were figurines, and a set of dishes with the style. It was a little like Gorey - a stylized drawing with cartoon themes, but it was not like Gorey at all in that it was too crowded. It suffered from a lack of whitespace and made me feel crowded. I didn't like it for that reasons, or I would have taken some.

Once Kevin finished the dishes, we realized it was 8:30pm so he needed to get home to the kids. As we were walking I was telling him about Edward Gorey, and he knew who he was. He pointed out there was a restaurant that had some Edward Gorey themed items that served a great hamburger. We decided to stop in quick to get dinner. He said his family loved that place, and at one point they were even selling little grey wagons (like the red wagons) that had Gorey art on them. He and his wife had got one immediately when they found out about them.

The restaurant was like a food truck, but almost built around it. There was a door up to the seating section that had a code and Kevin acted like he knew it but I just heard a bunch of beeping. Then a waiter came out the door, so we went up. As you went around the stairs, they went past a bar, where people were enthusiastically eating hamburgers, which was a good sign.

Upstairs, there was a small area (like DNB but smaller) and the weird part was that there were the holes in the floor, that looked fairly deep, which had iron loops where a hook would go to pull up something heavy. It was like the restaurant was built inside of an old bouy. On the tables were wooden alphabet blocks that were carved in Gorey style. Kevin had to leave but I stayed and enjoyed a hamburger and the atmosphere.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Lewis Caroll and the Drag Company and then the adventure of Cheese Puppy

I haven't posted on this blog in awhile because I usually just post my dreams to Facebook, but sometimes a dream is so long and complex it doesn't fit into a post. So, Now for your pleasure, I will share with you the dream I'm calling "Lewis Carroll and the Drag Company"

After being killed by Monty Python animated lava last night, I went back to bed (3:30 am) and dreamt I went on a date with a girl to the "Lewis Carroll House" which was a house museum.

The girl I was with and I were suspicious it wasn't authentic because of the Alice in Wonderland themed items, which wouldn't have been so modern looking if they were the same date as the book. There was a Starbucks in the middle of the house, and there were people dressed as the characters. There was also a private event going on, so we snuck in just to try some of the chocolates they had out.

We took a thread off the bottom of a couch and I was like "if we want to know if this is authentic, we should do a burn test. I have a lighter." Then she said "It isn't how fast it burns, or how it smells, it is what temperature it burns at" and proceeded to pull a hydrogen torch from her purse. At that moment, I knew she was a little crazy, but I wanted to see what the results of the burn test were. She lit the thread on fire and held the torch on it for way longer than I would have liked. The materials burst into flames, and so she threw it over the bar into where the baristas made coffee (they were on the other side of the bar at the time). I jumped up and started looking for a fire extinguisher, but she grabbed my hand and said "the baristas will know what to do!" and pulled me out of the building.

Once we got outside I luckily ran into a friend from college and was so excited to see him, it was easy to ignore her and get her to leave. My friend (Joe) was on a vacation and visiting house museums of authors in New England. [yes, I know Lewis Carroll isn't from New England but I'm using dream logic].

Joe was on a honeymoon with his new husband. Now this guy, in college, we all though he may be gay but we never questioned his sexuality. I was so happy he had come out. I asked how long he and his husband had been together, and they said "20 years." I was over the moon!

We were taking and catching up when a dog started barking. Some people were still rushing out of the house because of the smoke, and some folks came up and asked if the dog that was barking was the Lewis Carroll House guard dog. I said yes.
When I got there another friend of mine from college was there! I introduced him to Joe as "the most beautiful drag queen you will ever meet." 

It was then I noticed that Nick had been in a serious accident and was purple all over, and had a very misshapen face. He explained he was burned with acid by some White Supremacists in New Hampshire, but normally he wears a lot of make-up. He got really good at doing make-up in his drag days before the attack.
Because Joe was newly "out" and was always into theater, I asked if he would like to try drag. We had the supplies and it would be something else to try. Joe was exhausted so he went upstairs to his groom.

So, I'm not sure that is where the dream ended, but I know I had a part 2, which I'm calling the Cheese Puppy.

I was organizing a street festival and had set up a tent across the street from my house. I could look out from my apartment. My apartment was on the 2nd floor of an art deco building with high arched windows. There was dark wood and wood floors and brass furnishings.

I had put up a tent because the IPSA (The Idaho Progressive Student Alliance) was going to sell or give out political postcards to folks at the street festival. The problem was that there were so many vendors we were pushed right up against one another, with tables touching. The fair went well, and the vendors decided to keep the tents up and sell our wares for another month. Suddenly it was June 2nd, and stuff had to come down. I remember being surprised the policed didn't kick us out a lot earlier.
As we were cleaning up, there was this abandoned 1st-floor apartment where some of the vendors had put items that needed to be kept indoors. The apartment could see into my apartment, but was even more fancy. It had intricate vintage woodwork, and was creatively set up with a big kitchen.

I went inside and some vendor had left cheese everywhere! There was all sorts of cheeses, some frozen in coolers, some room temperature, it was just cheese everywhere. I had to put on gloves to touch some of the cold cheese. Then when I opened a door, there was a dog. The dog was barking and growling and I could tell by the body language, he was going to bite me. It was a small dog, like the size of a small cocker spaniel. It looked like a white Lady from Lady and the Tramp. 

Well, the dog bit my hand and wouldn't let go. It was uncomfortable, but not painful. I took the biting dog out to find her owners to get her out of the apartment we were trying to clean. I carried her outside. I found her owners, who were cleaning up the cheese. They had left her in the apartment to keep out the thieves. 
After we cleaned up I went to my friend Curt's house for a breakfast party. It was in this 80s ranch-style place, and there were several people there. Curt's new girlfriend was super hot, and had a 4-year-old who had autism. Curt and the kid got along really well and we all played video games.

Then my sister showed up and we had to install the weirdest stove I've ever seen. It was like 2 stoves, but back-to-back, and it sat in the wall so that half of it was outside, and half was inside. I turned it on to warm up the room and it worked fine. I then tried to make Katrina and Curt pick out an outfit for me, and it was taking a really long time because they didn't have all my laundry and I didn't have enough shirts.

I kept talking to my friend and his husband, but then it was really late and we were drunk so I returned to a "hotel" across the street. Really, the place was like a flop house. It was a run-down mansion and people could rent rooms for the night. I knew the owners were away, and I just needed a couch to crash on, so I popped in. The room was like gypsy-meets-mad scientist-meets-artist studio. The roof was crumbling, there were no curtains, and the room looked out on the streets.

That's all I remember. And now I'm late to work.