Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Pink, French, Masc Boho Home Decor?

 Last night I dreamed me and a friend lived in this little apartment. The building has been vacant except for this apartment, which was nothing special, but decorated like some bohemian artist loft. If you looked in the vacant part, there were these beautiful white pillars, and had this French Boiserie and painted all white. I wondered why we didn't just take over the whole building. 

I had a really cute artist sewing room that was small, but cozy and inspired me. I was so happy with it, even if it was very pink. The walls were decorated with photos and faces of joy. 

My friend Katie was looking through the photo collages. 

[Remember when you had a point and click camera and you'd just take photos of you and your friends hanging out then make wall collages? It was so satisfying! It was like that!] 

We could really read into the culture of the friends group from these photos. It was a group of queers from the late 90s and early 90s being their biggest selves with friends they felt safe with. It was quite the collage! 

The next day a different friend, Rebecca, came over, and was like "Did Katie see these?" And I was like "yes." Then my other friend warned me that Katie was going to capitalize on this and steal it for her own because she started a marketing company but it was on TikTok, and she didn't go to college so she never learned about plagiarism. I was sad about this. 

Also, my friend I lived with was wearing this pink satin ensemble that I had made an identical one when I went to school for fashion design. The only difference was the top. This top was made of a different type of satin and like one of those 1940s midriff tops. It was SO out of character for them since they are very Masc. It wasn't even being worn ironically, they just wanted to wear a hot pink satin outfit!

Tuesday, November 29, 2022

In my dream I made up the word "Lonelicaust"

 Last night I had a dream I was back visiting my old college. Mostly I was visiting with Rob Thyberg and his fraternity was having a reunion and I wanted to visit with my old roommate "Kyle the Salmon." I was also curious if the sociology and "woke" humor the young men endorsed affected their politics 20 years later. 

But that isn't the story I want to tell.

My dream began with me and my friend Mocha playing catch outside. When we took a rest, I found a book that was quite large and started looking through it. It was old newspaper articles and a memory book. I found a note in a child's handwriting tucked away. It was on faded paper, and was just a corner of a page, but written on it was "I love you" and it was signed by some boy's name.

I asked Mocha about it and they were like "that was my first love letter" and proceeded to open the memory book to the back, where there was an entire page, engraved in gold, where someone had written a note to Mocha. It wasn't the little boy, it was their mother. The mother had this whole thank you note to Mocha about how their kindness to their son was a big f-ing deal because the young man didn't have many friends. Somewhere in the note the mother used the term "Lonelicaust" to describe how children who have too much structured play never learn how to connect with other people and become terrible parents. Kids are being destroyed on a mass scale due to loneliness. The little boy had passed the note to Mocha and so it went in the memory book, even though it wasn't the note Mocha wanted. It was just a sweet memory of two sweet children.

Kyle the Salmon was great, and Rob and I talked about the marriage pact we made when we were in our 20s, and we discussed where to buy land for the commune and how many people we needed to "buy in" to get it going, just like we did 20 years ago on the porch at Mocha Maddness. 

Friday, September 9, 2022

Queens of Maine? Starring Rita Hayworth.

 In my dream last night, the main character was a young Rita Hayworth. It took place in the summer of 1914. Rita had that old-timey film noir voice, but was a very young 18 years old. She was an heiress whose mother had died when she was young, but before her mother died, her mother had gone to a psychic for a reading. Her mother wrote the results of the reading and wished her daughter a happy life and predicted that she would be proposed to by the love of her life on her 19th birthday. She cherished this note and reviewed it fondly. Subsequently, she also grew into a bit of a romantic. She had a bright spirit that lit up rooms and a playful attitude towards all things. It didn't hurt that she was going to inherit enough money she would never need to work. She had been raised by a nanny, but when she reached 16, a nanny wasn't needed anymore, so she got a maidservant, which today we may call a personal assistant. The assistant was two years older than her, but they got along like best friends, even though there was a constant power dynamic between the two, since Rita was the employer. 

By watching the two, you could tell they were besties, and that the assistant (I don't know if she had a name, so let's call her Max, because she was played by Chanté Adams), was totally in love with her and probably queer. Rita returned all the love but although questioning her sexuality and attraction to Max, thought that her mother's prophecy was the major leader of her life and she just had to wait it out. 

There was this scene where Rita learned to drive a car, and Max was in the passenger seat scared out of her mind. Women weren't really allowed to drive, but between Rita's wealth and privilege, she had a car and learned how to drive, mostly by trial and error from driving around the estate. By the end of their car ride, they were both laughing and enjoying the freedom not often allowed to women of the time.

Cut to a few weeks before Rita's 19th birthday. She (and Max) were visiting another wealthy family who had a son Rita's age. They got along great because she was so friendly and fun, and he was a major BRO who loved that about her. She fit in great with his bro-friends who were also constantly hanging out with him. He was 18, and was a very very juvenile and immature Cary Grant. Like he looked lanky and played a bit flamboyant. Cary had a mother, father, and younger sister who all adored Rita, probably more than Cary did. It was almost inevitable that the two would marry, and while Rita didn't anticipate it, she also knew the prophecy may meant they would fall in "love" later when they both matured. Cary's friends were just so immature, they annoyed Rita, so she would often escape with Max to an overlook on the porch that could watch the ocean. 

As the summer turned to fall, early morning fogs began encasing the whole estate and coastline. Rita took the morning moments to walk down through a garden path to the  rocky beach. One morning on the path she met a man her age who had parked his car at the top of the path and was carrying a beach chair and towel. The boy looked like a young Anthony Perkins but unlike his Psycho personae, he had the charm and charisma of a young Jimmy Stewart. Anyway, the two got to talking about cars, and found out they had a ton in common. For months they would escape to the beach, alone together.  Rita began to doubt that Cary was the person who would be her love of a lifetime and began imagining a life with Anthony. 

This was much to the chagrin of Max, who slowly became more and more frustrated that her love was not the priority anymore. She still had her best friend, but her best friend's attention was focused on a man she just met. She was visibly upset at times, but remained a faithful companion and assistant, caring for Rita, and even learning to drive so she would have the freedom if Rita ever decided Max wasn't needed any longer.

It was the night before Rita's 19th birthday. She still wasn't sure if it was going to be Cary or Anthony who would commit their undying love. She was hanging out with Care's mother, looking at old wedding photos and getting asked questions like "what do you think of this wedding dress? I think I'd look great on you." She was so overcome with attention she ran off through the house looking for a place of quiet she could escape and ended up in an alcove under the stairs. She could see people running past her looking for her, and as they went away she felt so much relief. Then suddenly, Gary's father poked his head around the corner, saw her and laughed! 

"You sure like to play games!" he exclaimed as he helped her out of the alcove. 

She went back to the room, settled into a chair and pulled out her mother's letter to her.

"Your love of a lifetime may not be who you expect." She sighed as she thought about Anthony, but didn't feel any particular stirrings except ongoing curiosity about this rich friend she had just met.

Out of the silence there was a knock at the door. The whole family moved about the house and sounds of footsteps running to the door were echoing through the house. 

"Who could it be at this hour?!" Gary's mother exclaimed.

Gary's father opened the door and a neighbor was standing on the porch holding a newspaper. He held it up and showed them the headline "War in Europe."

Gary's father gasped. Gary peeked out behind his father and looked at the headline. He laughed with a sense of privilege that seemed out of place for such a huge announcement.

"It finally happened." said the neighbor.

The family settled back in the parlor, but between the chatter about war and the economics these rich men were going to have to prepare for with such a big announcement.

Rita was physically trying to escape to her happy place on the beach, but as she walked out on the porch she was followed by Gary. 

"You know what this means," he whispered. Rita held her breath. What this it?

"It means we'll have to get married right away so my friends can attend the wedding before they get too busy with War preparation."

Rita groaned. Nineteen years of waiting and "we have to get married" was not the proposal she imagined a million times. 

"My father will make sure it happens" Gary continued. 

"We're getting married" Rita exasperated.

Unbenounced to Rita, Anthony has also heard the news and came rushing to the house. He had happened upon the two for the very end of the conversation, just in time to hear the "We're getting married."

Although she couldn't see it, she felt Anthony's face fall. Anthony, who had been coming to proclaim his love in the light of an international calamity, had heard the news and knew that only love would save the world. 

Gary left Rita without so much as a touch and returned to the house to get the approval of his parents and sister.

Rita was left, speechless, on the porch, feeling fog slowly creep up the porch and the July humidity enter her lungs. She took a deep breath and put her hand in her pocket to once again finger the letter from her mother, still in her pocket.

Anthony heard the door close and used the moment of silence to announce his presence by stepping further up the gravel pathway toward the porch. Rita turned her head towards the sound trying to tell if she had imagined the sound. by the second step, and the creak of the board at the bottom of the short flight of stairs, she knew someone else was coming into her space. She could almost feel the increased heat of another body sharing the humidity and scaring away the crickets that sang in the night.

"Rita?" Anthony almost whispered into the gathering fog.

"Anthony?!" Rita sang back, excited for a moment that someone other than Gary had joined her. "Is that you?" She walked around the corner and saw Anthony coming up the steps. He looked disheveled a bit, and had his hand in his pocket. 

Anthony felt the small ring in his pocket again. He slipped his finger in and out of it, poking it like a snake's tongue, in and out. He had seen the papers too, and rushed to Rita's side. He knew the political implications of the war and was afraid of the future. He studied military strategy and politics in college before focusing on mechanical engineering. This wasn't going to be a war like wars of the past. The technology and murder machines had grown in scale. He had learned their inner workings and felt dread knowing that the ideas he had studied were now going to cost real human lives. He needed comfort, and for that he had come to Rita.

"Can we get out of here?" He asked. 

"We have to." Rita responded quickly and then jumped off the porch in the direction of the garden path that lead to the ocean below. They sank into the darkness as they march through the garden path. They moved quickly, trying to leave the porch behind and make it to their sanctuary. Thorny bushes and rosehips surrounded them. When they got to the beach, they made their way to the boulders that marked the high tide. The tide was coming in and it's roar was loud and calming. They couldn't stay long and risk being stranded on the rock and having it's push them against the rocks as they left, so they both settled quickly.

"I need to tell you something important." Gary breathed, sucking in air as he talked.

Rita could tell it was serious.

"I don't know what is going to happen. You are like no one I've ever met before. You are kind, smart, and so full of life. I never imagined how wonderful spending time with another person could be. Life is so valuable, we have to spend it in the most valuable ways we can," he continued.

Rita held her breath. Was he going to swear that she could always rely upon him in a storm? That he had to confess his love because it was her birthday?

"I have to go," he stated. He stopped there, not knowing how to escape both the moment and the conversation.

He didn't know what exactly he was going to express on that beach. He was heartbroken that the girl he had enjoyed the summer with was now "going to get married" to the boy next door, one she didn't talk about much. He knew that this war was going to be like nothing before. He knew he couldn't spend time with Rita on that beach again without a pain greater than that of any war injury.

"I'm enlisting immediately" he finished.

Rita was in shock. Sure, they had shared political views, and even talked about how peace should be the goal in all matters. She thought maybe he was more of a pacifist, or maybe a communist, but she had not prepared herself for this.

"I understand," she slowly responded.

"The summer is nearly over, and I'm needed somewhere." He intentionally left of "else" from "somewhere else" still trying to find his way out of the tangles. "I hope we can be friends," he finished. 

Rita fell silent. What was she supposed to say? Nothing in books prepared her for the let-down of the moment. Not only was he not confessing his love, her newest friend was rushing off to join a war he didn't believe in. 

"I think we are friends." She said, still confused as to what the polite response was, and trying to name the feelings happening quickly in her brain. 

They sat in silence for a few more minutes, listening to the waves get closer and the salt spray slowly creating a layer as it stuck to their skin, already glistening with moisture from the warm fog.

"We can't stay like this." Rita finally said aloud, after thinking it in her head several times.

Anthony shuffled his body a bit and climbed down from the rocks. He offered her a hand. As she took it, she noticed how warm it was, warmer than it should be from just the July summer heat.

They walked slowly and silently back up the hill, with the crushing of rocks beneath their feet sounding muffled. When they got back to the porch, Anthony turned towards her. He was flushed from both the fear from the conversation, and that he had just committed to joining the war, out loud. While he had known it was probably inevitable, he had chosen it in his moment of weakness. Anger at himself, and in many ways at Gary, filled his body.

"Happy birthday, friend." Anthony looked at her and turned away, almost too quickly. 

"Good luck. Friend." Rita spit. She wasn't mad at anthony, but she was disappointed that the night had not gone like she wanted. Where was the romance she was promised? She was just disappointed and hurt. 

Fast forward to 2 years later. Not only did Anthony enlist, but he was made an officer. Gary was so concerned with his Bros being conscripted, or volunteering, he didn't have time to marry Rita, and she had not pushed the issue. Over the 2 years, all of Gary's friends had joined up with the effort, and he was the only one left. His privilege has protected him but he knew his number was up. If he didn't volunteer, people would start asking questions of him. Plus, he was excited to join his brothers in this adult game they called war. 

Max and Rita continued their adventures, but Max had changed. She had heard about Rita's engagement. Rita noticed Max hadn't been the same in some time. Max seems further away, both physically and mentally. They had always been so intimate, but sometimes Rita felt Max was being repulsed by her. She still had a best friend and companion, but there was a missing component.

Rita was going through her summer clothing items in preparation to return to the home on the Maine coastline. She as fiddling with items, she reached into the pocket of the sweater she has been wearing the day of her birthday, 2 years earlier. The bright white color just hadn't appealed to her since the start of the war, and with it's association with marriage.

She pulled out an envelope that looked like a card. She asked herself if it could be an early congratulations announcement. Her name was printed delicately across the front.

She opened the card and pulled out a quad-folded piece of paper. It was a letter from Max. It was a love letter talking about how Max was deeply in love with Rita and had been since they were in their teens. It took Rita a moment, but she then realized how Max has always been the one who she loved. 

Rita wasn't sure what to do about Gary, but he ended up dying in the war. And she didn't hear from Anthony again, but she thinks she might know why.

She and Max went on to be notorious and drive across the country. 

Friday, October 8, 2021

Tom Hanks, National Treasure

 Last night I dreamed Tom Hanks was really really old and for some reason the military didn’t want him to die. They invaded both my house and his house looking for him. 

I also dreamed 2 other things but I can’t remember. I should have write this earlier.

Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Age of Ultron review and Vermont's private detective

 Why was Avengers Age of Ultron so forgettable. I was watching WandaVision and it referred to it, and I couldn’t remember a thing about it except “Robots.” I know I watched it, and have at least 2x, but every time is like the first time, and not in a fun way. 

Side note, last night I dreamed I was some sort of private detective and was searching around an old school which was set up similar to my old office in VT. I remember it had a part at the end where you get all the suspects into the same room and set them up so the killer revealed themselves, some sort of a rave and rich-kid ravers, and hiking down some country roads and hitchhiking.

Back to Age of Ultron, maybe I would remember it better if it was titled appropriately “Iron Man 4 + Avenger guest stars.”

Saturday, October 24, 2020

If only RGB had retired before dying. I'm still mad.

 Last night, I stole a shopping cart, found a bunch of used socks that I was going to wash and wear, and also worked with RGB in her last days to plan a retirement party. It was a fun night.

Monday, August 31, 2020

Dreams of college and when my friends were gods.

 Last night I had a dream that Ellen became a goddess with unlimited powers. I was at this weird theater place and a bunch of folks were doing a mannequin challenge with ticker tape everywhere. I was shamed for not "getting the memo" and I was like "we must be here for different conventions" and at the same time we said to one another "I'm here for the American Young Professional Association". Then we did some playing and I went back to my hotel room. 

I was staying in a place that was Katrina's but since she got married was empty so I was staying there. It was more like a prison cell with a half-wall instead of a full wall but was made kinda homey with lights and curtains. Some lady down the hall was yelling "be quiet" but I was trying to set up a radio so I could join a DSA meeting. When I got on the meeting, Lauren and Brian had choreographed a rolling chair dance and I was so impressed! 

Then Ellen decided to flex her god muscles. First she tried giving people everything they "wanted" - and they self destructed and she burned them all down like Rome. They were all sitting in the stands of the colosseum and some weird partition rose up and lava filled the space and killed all the people. 

So then she started over with the boring people (like me) and gave us everything we "need." Everybody's physical and emotional health needs were met. So we went to check on the WAP performers to find out what happened, but they were the same, only they had more agency and power. They found their sex-positive message was the same.

 So then we turned up the power to see if women having power would be the same as men having power, and things turned out poorly. Turns out people aren't the problem, power inequality was. So then Ellen decided it to flood this version instead of burning this down. I swam to the top of the coliseum and turned out we were just in a system, kind of like Cabin in the Woods, but Ellen was in charge. It wasn't scary but it was an interesting morality play.

Thursday, December 19, 2019

Cold winds of a nuclear summer, or how I escaped my father

 Last night I dreamed my dad was a nuclear scientist and built an atom bomb. We drove out to the he desert to drop him off and then went back to a town a “ safe distance” from the bomb, but we could see the very top of it over the clouds do in the distance. We also felt the wind, but told we were safe.  I used it as an excuse to escape a long-time relationship and go for something more exciting while I was still alive.

Thursday, January 31, 2019

Negotiation of union contracts - but in cages?

 Had a dream last night I was a witness to the work the steelworkers were doing during a contract dispute. 

The company put regular citizens in cages in the center of the workspace so we could watch the negotiations. 

We had to be escorted in by security. I ended up sleeping there because they needed a volunteer for 3rd shift. I had a bed in the cage/island. It was like a giant child's crib, but with lots of people. It was on wheels but could just be pushed around and moved easily. 

The next morning, they asked me to move to a different floor because there were more workers who needed an observer. As I was being escorted through the giant workspace to the next floor, workers were stopping to hand me notes about their conditions. At one point I was in a board meeting with a contractor negotiator and the lawyers and was very surprised that they were letting in an outside observer to hear their discussions. 

Then they moved me to a new section on a different floor. Interesting dream.

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

When talking to the press, always make a game of it - [Celebrity Dream Edition!]

 Dreamed I was Ron Howard and was going to testify about some weird thing, and someone made a snide remark about “what Opi thinks” so I yelled at them, “I’m a 65 year-old man! How dare you think because I was a child actor that I don’t have a valuable life experience to share!” 

Ron was friends with a 19-year-old me. I was also a child star, maybe from Happy Days, and we were going to a party with Henry Winkler. 

I had a reporter/physiologist with us who was Gillian Anderson as Scully from X-files (but blonde). She was asking us if we had any special codes when talking to the press, so I was like, “No, but that’s a great idea!” 

I tried to get us to make Happy Days jokes and we’d each get points for every coded reference. I tried to get Gillian to play too, but she was like “As a Doctor, I’d best to listen and observe this time, but maybe next time.”

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

More Wild Dreams

I had a wild dream last night.

First, it was my friend's birthday so we went to this bar where his parents owned. He was Jughead from the TV show Riverdale. We weren't drinking, but he wasn't in a very party mood, so I just left and went home to the house I grew up in. When I got there, my youngest sister had used paint to paint all the furniture white. It was all the couches, the chairs, and the cabinets. I was really angry because I knew all the furniture was ruined. She was an adult so the had done something really really stupid.

I escaped to the basement so I could just process it, but she followed me downstairs and was annoying me, like a younger sister does and I kept yelling at her to tell her to go away. I was trying to get into her head why what she had done was so ridiculous. I even pointed out that our older sister, Gail, had spilled nail polish on the white couch in the basement (which wasn't painted), and we didn't paint over it, we used nail polish remover and there was still a stain, but it didn't bother us.

She wouldn't leave me alone so I started insulting her trying to get her to back off. At one point I said straight out "I'm intentionally being a bitch to you so you will back off, why don't you understand?!"

I left the house and there were these mini-planes on the street and someone offered me one. I thought it was a great way to escape so I took the plane. It was really small, with just room for one. It only had 1 engine which was on one side of the plane. I knew it didn't look like it would fly right, but others were flying around and doing fine so I hopped in.

I took off easily, but because I wasn't used to the steering yet, I ascended a little too fast and was too high. The oxygen-nitrogen mix of the air wasn't right for the engine so it cut out and I was in free fall. If you are familiar with wings, you know as long as you have control you won't just fall out of the sky like a stone. As I got closer to the ground I kept trying to re-start the engine and finally it started so I could use the momentum to get some speed to land safely.

I landed a few blocks over from my house in the neighborhood I grew up in. When I got out of the plane the kids from Stranger Things were standing there. They asked me who I was, and I said I was an adventurer. They asked if I wanted to join them to help save a ghost and I was like "Hell ya!"

We rode bikes to this community pool, where all the houses on the block backed up against a pool, and there was a fence going around the pool, but every house had a back gate entrance to it. We snuck across the pool and went into someone's back yard. Under their porch were a few plastic bags that were inflated and kind of bobbing like when a balloon is loosing its helium, so I could understand why the kids thought that these bags were a ghost. The woman who lived in the house was old and had several cats, and they were afraid the cats would attack the floating bags and kill "Baxter" [which kind of sounds like Bag-ster. My brain is awesome at puns when I'm asleep.]

Baxter was real! He was the ghost of a kid that was made of these plastic bags, and he could talk to us. We grabbed him and ran out of the yard before the lady could catch us, but running with giant blown up bags of air was rough, and it was even harder to ride a bike, so we deflated the bags and threw them in my messenger bag and took off.

I was trying to run home, but there was this robot that cleaned the gutters, that made it impossible for me to cut corners and run fast across the streets and yards to get back to my house. Instead,
we went back through the pool and then into one of the kid's yards, and then we went into the "decoration room" where his parents stored their holiday decorations. It was basically a closet, but they wouldn't be suspicious of plastic bags being in there. There were lots of Christmas decorations, and since it is January, there weren't any big holidays coming up where his mom would be in there very much. We re-inflated the bags the best we could, and Baxter came back to life!

The kids then asked me if I wanted to go on adventures with them every day, and I said I had to work, but I would come over after work and we could go on adventures. I was one of the gang.

I didn't want the kid's parents to wonder why this adult was going on bike-adventures with a bunch of 11-year-old boys, so I we all had dinner together and I even brought my dad. The kid (I don't know if he had a name) had an older sister who didn't like me because what older sister likes her kid-brother's friends?

It turns out the kid's parents were Azorean, and all the neighbors were Azorean. We talked about the maritime culture and why the water was so important. As I was leaving with my dad, I commented that the jacked he was was wearing was Azorean, and he was like "you mom picked it out." Then I ran into Lisa and Kate who were coming from rowing practice. The neighbors all came into the street too, and there was a dwarf who lived on both sides of the kid's house. Random.

Everybody left and I was going to go home, but I saw there was someone standing near the gate to the pool of the kid's house. I went over, and it was a friend of mine from when I was a kid. She was just there, and on the other side was this guy who I knew was a known pimp, and she was totally ga-ga over him. I knew it was a bad idea to date a pimp so I was trying to break her up, without letting the people inside know I was in their yard.

I convinced her that we were in trouble for trespassing, so we needed to leave and we ran across the pool-yard, and into a gate of a stranger's yard. When we closed the gate behind us, it was really loud. I was afraid they'd look outside and see us, so we quickly went past the house and onto the street. When we came out the gate on the front of the house, we pretended we were guests of the neighbors. There was already a couple on the street leaving a house, but luckily, they were guests too and didn't know we didn't belong there.

We ran again across the street and into another yard, through their yard, and into another pool yard, but this time it was a huge complex of pools of many sizes on different levels. We ran up 3 flights of stairs until I got to the top level which had a fancy bar at it.

When I got to the top, it was a Massachusetts Democrats fundraiser, so I just pretended to blend in by looking for people I knew. There was a guy there who looked a bit like Randy Johnson, so I went up to him and was like "What a surprise to see you here. What brought you here?"

He was a really smooth person, and obviously a rich donor who kinda knew I was crashing the party and said "It is great to be home. There is no place I'd rather be."

It turns out it wasn't Randy, but just an Indigenous person, so I tried to play it cool when I realized this, so I said to him, "You are exactly where you belong. I'm so happy to see you here!" and gave him a hug.

After we hugged, he stuck out his hand as a goodbye shake, and slid me 40 dollars. At that moment the development director from the Dems who had seen me rush in, came over and was behind me tapping her clipboard with a sign-in form and an invoice.

The tickets were 80 dollars, and came to 84.38 with tax. I had the money in my pocket, but I wasn't going to turn down this guy trying to help me cover up that I was crashing a private party, so I pulled my phone/wallet out of my pocket to get the money, when a check that had been ripped up fell out of my pocket in shreds. It had been a mis-written check made to the MassDems, and I could even see that the Chair had endorse it before I shredded it for some reason.

I apologized, and pulled out a check, trying to decide if I should use cash, or a check.

Then I woke up. It was 3:30am.

Monday, January 28, 2019

I can explain my dreams

My dreams are totally wild, but often are built out of details of things that my mind filed away.

So last night, I had a dream that my old job at Big Ocean moved into this really fancy industrial loft that was a co-working space where they worked during the day, and I worked at night. But instead of being in New Bedford, it was on Chandler St. in Worcester. My old boss, Kevin and old co-worker, John had left.

It was after dark and I was alone when Kevin returned to the office in a dark suit and was totally plastered. He was throwing his hands up in the air and trying to get me to sing with him, and overall a happy drunk. He was slurring his words and then wanted to take his car to McDonalds, so I took his keys away. He was very intent on walking all the way to McDonalds down the street, walking in the middle of the street, and I didn't think he should go alone so I walked him to McDonalds so he could eat some food and sober up.

And at some point we were being followed by one of those old electric cars - the ones that are glorified golf carts.

The dream may seem pretty random, but actually, it was a pretty logical connection between things that I did or thought about yesterday, but didn't really give mental energy to. Here's the list of things that made the dream happen.

1. I was planning on going to Worcester today
2. There is a business on Chandler St that I need to go back too.
3. I moved my copy of Earthrise on the bookcase, so I was thinking of the Kevin who produced the movie and who had some sort of event I saw on Facebook last night.
4. I got drunk last night – sorta. I had a good stiff drink about 7:30 hoping it would help me sleep better. Instead I was drunk and awake until 11pm.
5. I started thinking about TEDx and remembered Kevin wore a dark suit to it, two years ago
6. There’s a McDonalds on Chandler (or is it on Main?) in Worcester where I once stood in the parking lot for 20 minutes while having a phone conversation. I have a good visual memory of the street at that location.
7. The location was near a house where my friend’s dad lives, so I’ve been in that neighborhood a lot. When I was there, she told me it wasn’t safe to sit there with the car running and the doors unlocked. I think she was bluffing but now I’m on heightened alert in that area, especially after dark when I'm alone.
8. I watched a TV show last night about this woman who had a loft bedroom, but a darkly painted house, like the loft in my dream. At one point in the TV show, I caught a glimpse of one of those electric cars that are basically just golf carts but with bubbles. Like this:

9. I need to write down the address of the co-working space in Worcester because I didn’t put it in my notes and didn’t want to forget.

So, now that you know my secrets, do my dreams still seem as much fun? I think so!

Sunday, September 2, 2018

A clubhouse with a view, until I died.

 Last night I had a dream that there was this old restaurant on Acushnet Ave but on the water with some great loft apartments above them that we made into an Azorean Maritime Heritage Society clubhouse.   We were on a deck talking about going over to Track+Channel to practice. The Sun was behind a cloud that made the sun look huge! It nearly took up the entire horizon. We weren’t scared, we just enjoyed the unique view.

We were also practicing rolling the boats, and I didn’t jump off quick enough and got trapped underneath. Then I woke up.

Friday, August 31, 2018

Pride holiday dream

Had a crazy dream that I was back in college and we started a new LGBTQ Student Association. We had new members who were active so we raised enough for a trip to St. Croix, US Virgin Islands. We had to wait hours and hours for our plane, and then a bunch of my favorite 🏳️‍🌈 friends kept showing up for the plane! Soon it was like my very own Pride holiday! Even Seth showed up for the reunion! There was some drama about my passport because I had the license that allows to go to Canada, but not a full passport but it was overall good. I also way way overpacked so I had to leave 3 bags. I even had brought my sewing machine desk. I remember trying to take it home and rolling it down a grassy hill and leaving a trail of smashed grass where I rolled it.

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

SNL: Survivor

 I had a dream last night that my friend was kidnapped by some guy and I ended up getting help from Oprah because the campus security were useless. I'll just leave the dream at that. 

But the better dream was the night. I was on a remote island in a big house with the cast and writers of Saturday Night Live. We were there for a team-building activity and were each supposed to write a character with "non-racist" accents and be that character for the entire weekend and understand their sense of humor. There were no assigned rooms, so we were all competing for the best room and floorspace. Actors kept getting dropped off and left by helicopters and boats. It was fun to be on the island and try to understand humor from another point of view.